Pin Mill Barge Race

We decided to try our luck again with the Pin Mill Barge Race, shooting this time from Landguard Fort Felixstowe. Not a good idea as it turned out as the outgoing channel was just too far away. A quick trip around to Harwich and a walk along the long stone breakwater proved a much better location except that the wind had dropped and all the barges were becalmed at sea. The above shot taken with a 450mm equivalent lens was the closest they came before we packed up and went for a well deserved meal. You can’t win them all I suppose.

Harwich Revisited

I spent an interesting afternoon with a colleague wandering around the streets of the historic and nearby port of Harwich recently. Here are a few of my more successful shots.



The Joys of Rural France

As much as I love the UK there is no doubt that rural France is my favourite photographic stomping ground. There is seemingly an endless supply of ancient villages to explore with photographic opportunities around every corner.

It is not as if one needs to travel far from the channel ports. The above image was taken not 10 km from the coast and I could quite easily have filled a memory card within the hour.

That being said, Burgundy is definitely my favourite destination where every town and village seems to be a winner and with magical names to boot; Semur en Auxois, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, Couche, Buxy … et all.

So if you need some inspiration bag a day return on Eurotunnel and explore the Pas de Calais. You won’t be disappointed.


A giant step back in time …

.. well it is for me. After many years happily embracing digital photography I have begun to yearn for what in my eyes is the more characterful look of my old film images. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with digital imagery. One can achieve amazing results and its convenience is unquestionable, but on occasions those results can be just too clinical for the subject matter. No amount of digital filtration or chicanery can successfully replicate the look of film.

I have therefore taken the ‘bold’ step of purchasing a Leica M6TTL to supplement my digital cameras. Time will tell if that is a rash move or inspirational.

A completely wet process is not possible for me but I will be processing my own film before scanning and editing and printing with my existing setup.

Interesting times ahead.

Alresford Camera Club

I’ve been a member of Alresford Camera Club near Colchester in Essex for a few years now and over that time the club has tended to keep a fairly low profile. Pleasingly that is now changing starting with the launch of a new website, with which I am pleased to be involved.

Take a look at the new site HERE and if you live locally and have an interest in photography at any level, why not come along and join in the fun. Full details of the meeting times and dates are on the website.

Barges on the Orwell

After the hustle and bustle of Canary Wharf it’s hard to find a greater contrast than a sunny day on the banks of the Orwell watching and photographing the Pin Mill Barge Race.


Canary Wharf is a top location.

If you like ‘street photography’ or ‘architecture’ then Canary Wharf has to be a great location for a shoot, but best contact the information centre and get a free permit just to cover yourself, then stick to the rules.


Knights Tournament Framlingham Castle

Spent a great day out on Saturday 8th August with a colleague at the Knights Tournament held in Framingham Castle. An early start saw us gain entry before the crowds and gave ample opportunity to chat to and photograph the various participants, all in their authentic costume.


The blazing hot sunshine soon brought out the crowds which helped to boost the atmosphere as the tournament proper began.


Who’d be a knight with over 5 stones of chain mail and armour to cope with in that heat!

A repeat of this event is definitely one for the diary.

This time the weather held

Another well supported Clacton Camera Club outing, this time to Danbury Country Park and then on to Paper Mill Lock. There were plenty of opportunities for interesting shots at both locations but with more chances for ‘people shots’ at the lock.


I think I have a few ‘keepers’ from the day with one or two that may end up in a competition.


Rain Stopped Play

What promised to be a really good photographic opportunity at Great Holland Pits Nature Reserve the other evening proved a washout with heavy rain bringing an end to proceedings after half an hour or so.

The Reserve, which is run by the Essex Wildlife Trust, looks very promising and we were able to scout several interesting locations before running for cover.

I guess we’ll need to pay closer heed to the weather forecast in the future.