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The Royal Photographic Society

I joined the RPS a few months ago, not with any intention of obtaining an accreditation but simply to meet more like-minded photographers. I have not been disappointed.

Although not particularly cheap, especially if you join one of the many Special Interest Groups, the photographic walks, talks and exhibition days have proved extremely enjoyable. I have made new acquaintances and visited places I would not have gone to off my own bat.

The image below is from an organised walk at the Open University campus in Milton Keynes. Why not browse the RPS website HERE, it may appeal to you too.


Magazine Success

I’m delighted to have another of my images published in the Leica Society Magazine Spring 2020 edition.

It is another from a very enjoyable couple of hours spent at Convent Garden Market in London.

London Streets

I recently enjoyed a varied day of shooting the London streets in the company of a group of photographers on a Light Academy workshop. Fortunately the weather was kind which meant that our first stop at Speakers’ Corner was quite busy, and the shadows were lengthening under the bright sunshine by the time we reached our second stop at Covent Garden. The market was extremely busy and there were plenty of street performers and crowds to photograph.

The Bible-basher … Speakers’ Corner, London … Leica CL, Zeiss Sonnar 50/1.5

Our final stop was in China Town by which time the light was fading, giving us an opportunity for some night shots 

You can see more of my images HERE

A tiring but rewarding day photographing a genre that I’m not too familiar with.

Shooting Manual at the Barbican

The Barbican Stroller … M240, Zeiss Sonnar 50/1.5

Despite using my cameras in manual mode most of the time I joined a recent ‘manual’ workshop day at the London Barbican organised by  Light Academy Training

Group days are great fun and I need little or no persuasion to return to the Barbican to shoot. I was not disappointed and the day met all my expectations, and yes I learned a thing or two as a bonus.

New Lighting Kit

Following my recent attendance at a studio workshop using continuous lighting (see post) I have decided to add the Interfit Kit to my ever-growing arsenal of photographic accessories.

I haven’t had the opportunity to use it as yet but watch this space as I venture into unknown territory.

Foldable LED Light Box

I have been debating the purchase of a light box for some time to better accomplish product, still life and macro photography. I finally took the plunge and bought the PixaPro Foldable LED Light Box.

The unit is easy to erect and fold away, and having the built in LED panel extremely convenient to use, particularly as the lighting is dimmable.
Early trials are very promising and I’m looking forward to getting more creative with a variety of subjects.

Continuous Lighting Portrait Workshop

I recently enjoyed another studio workshop day organised by Tony Bramley of The Light Academy, this time to try out the continuous studio lighting kit from Interfit (see HERE).
I must say that the continuous lights make it so much easier to set up the various lighting effects on the model, in this case the delightful Amy, a stylish grunge chick.
A very rewarding day during which I learnt a lot about an unfamiliar genre. I’m seriously considering purchasing the kit.

Leica Fotopark Closes

Sad to see the online gallery Leica Fotopark closing as it reinvents itself into we not what as yet. Former users have been recommended to use the curated galleries of Leica Fotografie International (LFI) and I’m delighted that having made the transition the image below has been chosen by the site editors to appear in the ‘Leica Master Shots’ gallery.
It has been a good start to the year as another of my images was published in the Leica Society Magazine this quarter.

A New Departure

Under pressure from colleagues to join them on wildlife shoots I have now invested in a Sigma 150-600 Sport lens for my Nikons. It’s a heavy beast but very well built, so should hopefully take a few knocks out there in the wild.
I was quite impressed with the results from my first outing, but not with the lack of wildlife. This was my best, and only shot.

Website Relaunched

The original plan was to confine the imagery on this site to monochrome and to post colour images to an alternative site, but this has proved too unwieldy and so today I have relaunched the site with an all new colour section, which I hope you will enjoy.
As with the original site, it will be updated periodically with new images, so please call in again to browse the galleries.